Even More SEO Snake Oil

May 2nd, 2012 by Kevin Zoll

You’ve¬†probably figured out, from my earlier 2 posts on the topic, that I absolutely despise SEO Spam mail.¬† Well, here is another from the same company as yesterday.

Rank zolltech.com top in the search engines / No cost website analysis


Your website zolltech.com is not ranked top on the 3 major search engines but can be easily!

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The Top Rank Results Team

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203 North LaSalle Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601

Really, Zoll Technologies is not ranked on the top 3 search engines? What keywords are you using to perform your searches? Better yet, what 3 search engines are you referring to, as the top 3? Yes, I know which ones you are referring to, you do mention them a few sentences later in your very spammy email.

Guess, you haven’t done your home work on my Company. If you had, you would know that I don’t rely on search engines to generate a revenue stream. You would also know that this is a brick & mortar business. We aren’t one of those new fangled digital only store fronts.

There is absolutely no way your special brand of snake oil, oh I’m sorry I meant SEO tips, no I meant snake oil, will increase legitimate traffic to this website. Actually there is a very good probability that your snake oil will actually get a site like this blacklisted by search engines.

My quick list of SEO that actually work.
1. Quality, relevant content.
2. Quality, relevant content added on a frequent and routine basis.
3. Use keywords, judiciously. Don’t over do it.
4. Don’t hide your content behind Flash, Java, and graphics.
5. Search BOTs could care less about Friendly URLs (FURL).
6. Make sure your site has a Meta description.
7. Make sure your site has a Meta Title.
8. Make sure you use and fill in the ALT tag on images.
9. Make sure your content is linked to from some where on your site. If no one can find it, neither can a search bot.
10. You build websites for people, not search bots.

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