Organic SEO Services Snake Oil Email Spam

June 16th, 2012 by Kevin Zoll

Another SEO Snake Oil salesman from India. What is it with these fly by night SEO firms? Just a quick read of the below email, makes it clear that they really don’t understand what SEO is really all about. Everything they are talking about, blog submissions, directory listings, link building, and article writing will do more to kill your site then help.

You write for people not search engines. You build web sites for people. Yes, you want Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to find your site. That’s why you submit your site map to the big 3. If you have quality, relevant content and post on a frequent basis; your content will return in search results and with a high placement if it is relevant to the conducted search.

Organic SEO Services


I am Abhay, SEO Consultant.

I hope you are doing well and have time to read my proposal.

Advertising in the online world is one of the most inexpensive and highly effective methods of promoting a business.

We are a Leading Indian Based SEO & Web Development Company and one of the very few companies which offer organic SEO Services with a full range of supporting services such as one way themed text links, blog submissions, directory submissions, article writing and postings, etc.

We are a team of 85+ professionals which includes 28 full time SEO experts. We are proud to inform you that our team handled 180+ SEO projects and obtained 100000+ manually built links in the past 1 year.

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll present you with a proposal that would not only improve sales of your company but also brand your products.

Feel free to contact me in case of any enquiry.

Kind Regards
Abhay Singh
Online SEO Consultant

Note: We are not spammers and are against spamming of any kind. If you are not interested then you can reply with a simple \”NO\”,We will never contact you again.

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“Note: We are not spammers and are against spamming of any kind. If you are not interested then you can reply with a simple \”NO\”,We will never contact you again.” You really believe you are not a spammer? That aforementioned statement does not make it OK to send unsolicited emails to business owners.

Spam is defined as unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail. So, by that definition that would make you a spammer, Mr. Abhay Singh.

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      Jose Gil Tecson in
    • I received the same email, so I search their website on Google and found this post. Well, just ignore them.
      If they are good enough, why send anonymous email to market their service? if they are good, they should get clients through recommendations.

      KevinZoll in
    • I get these all the time. If they are any good, then there is no need to send unsolicited emails marketing your service. People looking for SEO services will find your company, if it’s any good.

      As someone who provides IT support, and web design services. I take a perverse pleasure in highlighting some of the less than scrupulous practices.

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