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IT Support ImageHere at Zoll Technologies, we provide four tiers of service levels to our Small and Midsize Business and Enterprise Clients. Each support tier is tailored to provide the level of assistance that a business may require. Smaller businesses with one or two systems may not require much in the way of information technology support but may have the need to have technology support readily available should the need arise. Our Tier 0 and Tier I Support Agreements are tailored to the needs of Small Businesses. Our Tier II and Tier III Support Agreements are designed to meet the needs of larger businesses as they will have a larger information technology infrastructure but may lack adequate staffing to maintain all their technology stack in working order.

What at are the benefits of entering into a support agreement with Zoll Technologies?

A Support Agreement also is known as a Service Level Agreement (SLA) it an agreement or contract between you and Zoll Technologies that details the expectations and obligations of the business relationship between you and us. A Support Agreement sets clear and measurable guidelines ensuring that you and Zoll Technologies are on the same page. The SLA is a tool used to manage expectations and obligations and reduces the chances of disappointing you or Zoll Technologies. SLA’s also provide you and Zoll Technologies a recourse of action should either party fail to uphold their obligations.

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* See individual support agreements for details.

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