Tier 0 Support Agreement

  • No ‘Call-out’ Charge
  • 72-Hour Guaranteed Response Time
  • 4 hours of on-site support, per month, excluding incident response.

Initial Site Audit
A full site audit will be conducted so that a comprehensive support plan can be implemented.

The audit process includes bringing servers and contracted desktops/laptops/workstations up-to-date with appropriate service packs and system drivers to identify and minimize possible problem areas to ensure maximum stability and up-time during the term of the contract.

Audit Costs

Servers/Virtual Servers$35.00/Server
Tablets/Smart Phones$15.00/Unit

Telephone/Email Support
Charged on a per incident basis at the following rates:
Per Incident: $95.00/hour *

Remote Support**
An increasingly efficient option involves remote access support. Systems are setup to enable both remote access to system servers and where appropriate desktops, laptops and workstations.

This allows a technician to access, investigate and maintain a system as if they were locally present. Although not always a substitute for on-site support it can provide a cost-effective and efficient option to ensuring faults, if they arise, can be dealt with promptly, minimizing downtime and consequent financial loss.

Charged on a per incident basis at the following rates:
Per Incident: $95.00/hour *

On-site Network / Server / PC Hardware & Software Support
Tier 0 Support Plan customers are entitled to 0 hours ‘Free-of-charge’ incident response, per calendar month, with a contracted 72-hour response. Incident Response is charged at a rate of $95.00 per hour.

If faster response is required a call-out can be conducted the next Business Day for $50 or within 8 hours for $65.00 or 4 hours for $95.00.

Tier 0 Support Plan customers are covered for labor charges by a fixed monthly fee which entitles clients to 4 hours of on-site support, per month. A maximum of 4 hours of on-site support in 1 calendar month. Thereafter any on-site support provided is charged at a flat rate of $95.00 per hour.

Charged on a per incident basis at the following rates:

Next Business Day – $50.00
Same Day – 8 Hour Response time – $65.00
Same Day – 4 Hour Response time – $95.00

Systems supported
Windows/Linux Desktops/Laptops/Workstations
Windows Server Family (including Networking facilities)
Linux Server (including Apache Web Server)

Monthly fee of $125.00

* Tier O Support Agreements do not include incident repsonse, Email, Telephone, or Remote Support options. If clients desire to avail themselves of theses options the client will incure larbor costs at the rate of $95/hour.

** Remote Support requires the installation of Remote Administration software.

All prices exclude parts required to effect repairs to restore equipment to a functional state.

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